Valuable Tips for Protecting Your Car Windshield in Winters!

Winter is coming! Is your car ready to take on the snow-covered roads and slippery surfaces?

Hurdling into the colder season is easier when you have a sturdy, reliable car windshield. It’s quite common for motorists during winter to wake up in the morning to find the windshield, front and side windows covered by a thick layer of snow. Topping it off, this situation happens mostly when we have to be at somewhere urgently. Like most drivers, you might have an ice scraper handy to deal with such frigid situations, but what else you can do about windshield care and protect the glass in extremely cold temperature?

When it’s sub-zero temperature outside, the last place you want to end up is the side of a road with a broken windshield. So, make sure to check all glass parts of your vehicle for any chips or cracks and get them fixed before the snow begins to fall. Here are a few tips that can help you properly care for your car windshield this winter:

Visit an auto glass shop for a quick windshield inspection

A quick inspection by a certified glass repair technician can make a significant difference in how well your windshield behaves in the harsh Mississauga winter. Experts will check for cracks, pits, poor windshield installation and other issues that can compromise the driver’s safety over the next few months. In case the glass needs to be repaired or replaced, the experts will let you know.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

Auto glass can bear significant impact from flying debris or ice, but it may not be able to hold against the sudden temperature changes. Exposing the glass to this sudden change can cause it to contract or expand, and in certain cases, even shatter. So, when your windshield gets iced over, use regular water to melt it, instead of boiled water right off the stove. Hot water will hasten the melting process, but it may also shock the windshield, causing the damage.

As per the Motor Industry Research Association, the research reveals that a chip is 60% more likely to crack at 420F than at non-freezing temperature. A chip is 80% more likely to spread than in hot driving weather, at 140 or below. What this means is that it is easier and cheaper to get the chips and cracks mended before they spread across the edges. Or else, you might end up paying for the entire glass replacement.

Don’t hesitate to replace the damaged glass

Colder temperature can weaken the glass on your vehicle, and when the glass is already chipped, the situation may worsen to the point of being irreparable. So, before the subzero temperature arrives, make sure to get the windshield replaced. In case you’re on a restricted budget, make sure to check with your insurance provider to find out if they cover the replacement at no cost to you.

Keep it clean and remove old wipers

The wipers will be working twice as hard to clean a dirty windshield in winter. So, it’s recommended to keep the glass clean and make the job of wiper easy. If there is a stubborn stain, it’s better to take the vehicle to the auto glass repair shop. Experts will check if the wipers are worn out and need replacement.

To self-verify if the wipers are still good, see if they fail to clean certain areas of the glass or leave a greasy film behind; if they start making a noise; or if your visibility gets hindered when it’s snowing or raining. In the event of extremely cold temperature, make sure the wipers are not frozen before starting the engine.

Use high-quality de-icers and ice scrapers!

Although tap water through a hose is effective in melting the ice on your vehicle, the best bet is to buy a high-quality ice scraper. De-icers will also prove handy in removing the ice fast.

Some other car-care tips for winters

Consider installing winter tires to ensure an absolute traction and control. Get the battery checked to ensure it can make it through the winter, and also inspect the antifreeze. Cold weather can flatten the tires, making the driving a tricky affair. So, make it a point to check the tire pressure on a regular basis.  

Plan for the unpredictable and contact your local auto repair shop in Mississauga to make your car winter-proof.

You can also avail the mobile auto glass repair service. Contact us today for a quote!