How Can The Colder Months Impact Your Auto Glass?

There’s no way around it, winter’s coming and it’s coming fast. As much as we try and ignore the signs, we know its on its way; colder nights, earlier sunsets and it seems like the leaves on the trees are falling just a little too fast. Preparing for winter means more than changing your thermostat, pulling out the winter jackets and putting up Christmas lights. It means we have to do whatever it’s going to take to keep ourselves and our families prepared and safe for the cold season. Now is the best time to get your car winter ready, don’t wait until it’s too late. Your windshield, just like your tires, has to be ready to take on whatever mother nature is going to throw at it this winter. Thus, examining your auto glass and ensuring you get it properly repaired, should you need it, is imperative.

What damage can colder weather do to my auto glass?

Going into the winter with a chip or crack in your windshield is a clear red flag that you and any passenger in your vehicle are being put in a vulnerable position. The change in weather, from warm to cold, frigid temperatures causes the glass on your windshield to expand and contract and with a chip or crack in the way of that process, it’s bound to crack more and in severe cases, fully shatter. A fully shattered or a severely cracked windshield causes the driver to lose sight of the road, making it next to impossible to drive safely and presents the risk of glass debris hitting those in the front seat of the vehicle. Although this is a rare occurrence, it can happen, and more often than not, it stems from a minute crack or chip on your windshield.

We want to make sure that you and your passengers are safe before the winter season arrives, don’t wait until your windshield is shattered to have it fixed! This will only prolong the replacement process and make it worse; risking your safety and overall health of your vehicle is never worth it. Not only does it protect you and your family from potential road hazards but by bringing your vehicle in before the winter, it actually saves time in the windshield replacement process. Cold weather extends the time it takes to replace or repair the windshield, the resin in the windshield takes longer to cure in the winter months and it is crucial that the process is done under the perfect circumstances, allowing for the process to go smoothly and error-free.

What does the repair/replacement process look like?

During the replacement/repair process, we have to preheat the windshield before adding the resin. This is a key point of the windshield repair/replacement process, as the resin on the windshield has to stay warm for the replacement to be done correctly. The windshield is preheated before adding the resin, typically we preheat the windshield using the vehicle’s heater. The windshield replacement process is extremely precise and the winter months can create an unstable environment. Come into our shop before winter arrives and ensure that the best job possible is done, indoors and in professional hands.

Our experts are equipped with the right skills to fix any glass on any vehicle, the team is available 24/7 around the clock and will even come to you if necessary. If you are not satisfied with our work, we offer a full warranty! So, don’t wait around until the first snowfall or until your windshield is a complete safety hazard, protect yourself and your loved ones by stopping by one of our many shops and allow us to help you make your car winter ready!